Longford woman who stole bank card from friend fined €400

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



Judge Seamus Hughes

Judge Seamus Hughes

A woman charged with theft of a credit card was ordered to repay the €33 she still owed to the injured party, at last week’s sitting of Longford District Court and to pay two €200 fines.


Donna McDermott, 27 Lana Aoibheann, St Michael’s Road, Longford, was one of two people accused of taking the bank card.
The co-accused, who had a number of previous convictions, has already been dealt with before the courts.

Sgt McGirl explained that Ms McDermott and the co-accusd called to the home of the injured party, where they were given €20 to go and buy groceries before the victim left the room. She later noticed her bank card had gone missing.

The card was used at an ATM and was later used for a contactless payment. CCTV footage at the ATM identified Ms McDermott who, the court heard, had the pin number for the card because she had used it for the victim before.

“On one level, it’s a minor offence. On another it is a particularly nasty offence,” said Judge Seamus Hughes.

Ms McDermott had seven previous convictions, all for road traffic offences, Sgt McGirl revealed.

“She owes €33.80 and she’s asking for a month to pay it,” said solicitor for the defence, John Quinn.

“No. Go out there and be back here by two o’clock with the €33,” Judge Hughes insisted.

Ms McDermott returned with the money later in the day and her case was finalised by way of two €200 fines, which she has three months to pay.