Longford Leader Editorial: Next chapter for class of 2020

Alan Walsh


Alan Walsh



Leaving Cert

The release of the Leaving Cert results on Monday brought the curtain down on a haphazard year for hundreds of Longford students

667 Longford (334 female and 333 male) students received their Leaving Cert results on Monday, bringing to an end a tumultuous school year for them.

It proved to be a very different day than the traditional one of calling into the school and getting the results.

In a way that's only fitting considering the unprecedented set of circumstances the class of 2020 faced amidst the pandemic.

It was a school year like no other for everyone, but particularly for those doing their Leaving Cert, a pressurised time under the most normal of circumstances.

The utilisation of calculated grades was the course taken as an alternative to sitting exams.

The merits or otherwise of this system will be analysed and debated for some time to come.

The Minister for Education, Norma Foley has emphasised that the decision to use this was taken “with the very best interests of students at heart and in full consultation with the partners in education.”

Whatever the verdict will be on this system, the class of 2020 deserve some mention for their fortitude and resilience in getting through this time.

It has been difficult for all members of society but for a cohort of young people attempting a seminal state exam which has a huge impact on their future, it was particularly acute.

Equally for their families and teachers, whose supportive roles should certainly not be overlooked throughout this entire process.

Like all Leaving Cert classes the 2020 students can justifiably look back on their achievements and look forward to starting exciting new chapters in their lives.

It's also worth highlighting that as important and all as these exams are, they are not the be all or end all as regards a young person's journey or future development and prospects.

If there is disappointment it should be vitiated by the knowledge that there is a world of opportunity out there.