Longford Leader Opinion: What a cold world the children of today are living in

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



Social  distancing

The impacts brought about by social distancing protocols has been emotionally taxing on families

One of the saddest things about this pandemic is the fact that the toddlers and small kids are learning to be cold towards, and distant from their grandparents.

It’s nobody’s fault, of course. Social distancing has been the most important part of staying safe in this pandemic, and protecting the elderly.

But isn’t it heartbreaking when a small child is being warned not to kiss or hug their grandparents for fear of the older family members contracting the virus?

There’s no running down the driveway into the waiting arms of granny, or being hoisted up onto grandad’s shoulders or smothered in kisses and cuddles.

Things are starting to improve somewhat, but is it too late for the smallest of our children to learn what affection is?

Has it been drilled into their young, impressionable minds that you shouldn’t express your love for fear of it making someone sick?

Hopefully such learned coldness can be reversed.