Loading bay issue in Granard put on hold

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



Meet the candidate: Granard Municipal District Turlough 'Pott' McGovern (Independent)

Granard Municipal District Cllr Turlough 'Pott' McGovern (Independent)

Cllr Turlough ‘Pott’ McGovern put forward a notice of motion at last week’s Granard MD meeting that two loading bays be marked out on the Main Street of Granard town, on each side, “as lorries have to double park on the main street”.

However, rather than pursuing the motion at last week’s meeting, Cllr McGovern said that he will hold off until plans for a carpark in the town are followed through.

“Loading bays on the main street is a problem. I don’t know where we’ll go with loading bays, but until we have a carpark, we better not take anything more from Main Street,” he said.

“So I’ll step back until we do have a carpark.”