Letter to Longford Leader Editor: Looking to trace Longford relatives

Michael Kennedy


Michael Kennedy



Letter to the Editor

A reader is this week looking to trace his Longford roots

Dear Editor,

I write to you with a request which I hope you might share with your readership.

I have been conducting family tree research which has led me to county Longford and specifically to Newtownforbes.

My Great Great Great Grandfather, John Sesnan, was born in Newtownforbes.He, along with several other Sesnans (including his brother, James) came over to the United States in the 1850s or so and started a new life in Manhattan (New York City).

They and their subsequent descendants mostly stayed in New York City, however, some now live in Tennessee and Kentucky. I am almost complete with my research of Sesnan members in the United States and hope to look further into their life in Newtownforbes.

I have been in touch with the Longford County Library and appreciate all they have provided.

To date, I have not yet been able to establish a concise Sesnan family history in Longford. I have yet to find any Sesnan family members still inhabiting the region so I am at a bit of a loss as to how to proceed.

So I respectfully ask your assistance. Might you be able to share my request for information with your readership in hopes that there might be someone who may have additional knowledge which they could perhaps share with me?

I would welcome any and all information and I am very willing to share this email address (mckco85@aol.com) with you and your readers.

Please note that I have seen Sesnan also spelled Sesnon and even Cessnon / Cessnan, however, from what I can tell, Sesnan appears to be the most correct and often used spelling.

Michael Kennedy,
Virginia Beach, Virginia