Longford Leader columnist Mattie Fox: Everyone should practice social distancing

Mattie Fox


Mattie Fox



social distancing

The photograph with this week's column was possible because three generations - plus the dog - combined to deliver it.

The Grandfather and Grandmother, otherwise known as The Godfather & Anna May; the dog called Bob; the newest generation -Conor Fox; and the offspring of the elders, who had charge of the camera, Declan.

By accident I happened to get it for obvious reasons, and I immediately thought how it represented three generations.

One generation of distinguished years, one of single digits, and one who hasn’t grasped the nettle of mortality quite yet.

He’s a bit busy changing the world......

Incidentally the dog is probably the oldest of all, counting dog years!

It would be stretching the imagination a bit to declare that this has anything to do with product placement. Conor is holding the Gala bag because he’s about to leave it on the wall.

Social distancing means that nobody goes into the house, that’s strictly for the Seniors; no exceptions.

Anyone who is of advanced years doesn’t dare mix too closely with anyone - including relatives. This is something all should practice.

The young who knew everything about everything, were mostly uncaring at first.....but that has altered a bit recently too.

Seeing several people in their teens and early twenties struck down, has served to illustrate that nobody is guaranteed safety.

Meanwhile, Conor will continue to leave something for his favorite people, on the wall, (or if raining, covered carefully) every day.

It encapsulates everything that coronavirus has caused.

Maybe, by default, it’s not all bad.

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