Dental Monitoring with David McConville

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Dental Monitoring with David McConville

David and the staff at David McConville Orthodontics

David Mc Conville Orthodontics has gained a reputation as the North-West’s most outstanding Orthodontic clinic. In addition to providing specialist Orthodontic treatment, Oral Surgery, Implant Dentistry and Conscious Sedation services are provided by Dr Niamh Boyle.

David studied for 11 years at Trinity College Dublin in order to qualify as an orthodontic specialist. With over 18 years of experience, David operates two clinics, one in Suite 5, Quayside Shopping Centre, and the other at Tir Chonaill Street, Donegal Town. Both clinics are elegant, State-of-the-Art and designed to ensure patients feel at ease.

The atmosphere in the clinics is relaxing, calm and friendly. Every patient is treated with compassion and respect. Their care is tailored to their individual needs. A new service which will be ready to rollout at the end of November is that both clinics will be Autism friendly.

David provides traditional metal and ceramic braces and the newer Invisalign system.

Invisalign treatment involves wearing a series of clear, almost invisible plastic aligners to straighten the teeth. There are no metal parts and the aligners can be removed for eating. There are many benefits to wearing Invisalign aligners. It reduces significantly the need to extract permanent teeth.

It is possible to begin treatment earlier when you choose Invisalign aligners over traditional braces. It is not necessary to wait for baby teeth to fall out before beginning treatment. We are also able to treat much younger patients than previously with the Invisalign First system. We no longer have to wait for a certain age before commencing treatment.

Invisalign aligners are also very hygienic because they are removed when eating and brushing. Invisalign is the preferred option for adults and teens who may be self-conscious about wearing visible braces. Invisalign is almost totally invisible.

David is ranked as one of the top three providers of Invisalign in Ireland, and in the top 300 Invisalign doctors in the world.

David was recently invited to attend ‘The Global Invisalign Symposium on Digital Practice,’ in London. This meeting explored the latest cutting-edge technology in Orthodontic practice.

David McConville orthodontics is the first clinic in the country to provide Dental Monitoring (DM). How does this exciting new service work? It removes the need for patients to travel to the surgery for every appointment.

David can monitor remotely the progress of the patient’s treatment. The patient will attend to receive their Invisalign braces and shown the Dental Monitoring device. Instructions. Then all they have to do is simply take a movie of their teeth with the clear aligners in place and send it through a smartphone App to David.

David will then check and review the patient progress every week instead of every six to eight weeks as with routine appointments.

This has a huge advantages, as the treatment can progress at a faster pace and the patient does not need to take time out of their busy schedules to travel for appointments. Also, if something needs to be fixed or changed or the aligner is not fitting correctly, this will be picked up immediately and the patient will get a message to book an appointment which will be available within 48 hours.

Under David’s supervision, the majority of the treatment can proceed wherever the patient happens to be, eliminating travel time, taking time off work or school. It is reassuring for parents that their child’s progress is monitored weekly.

With the advancements in technology, the world of orthodontic and dental care has undergone some huge changes. The aim of the clinic is to give each patient the results they dream of and we are committed to providing quality results.

It has just been announced this week that David, Niamh, and the clinic team have all been separately nominated for the National Colgate Sensitive Dental Awards.