Longford woman will be out of prison in time to cook the Christmas dinner, says judge

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News Reporter



Tipperary District Court

A woman who was before Judge Seamus Hughes in Longford District Court last week was handed a two month prison sentence but will be out in time for Christmas.

Longford woman Helen Doyle pleaded guilty to a number of shoplifting charges, saying she ‘might as well plead guilty to them all because the stress is killing me’.

Ms Doyle is currently serving a 15 month sentence with a release date of Christmas eve, and solicitor Frank Gearty explained that she will have a house and meaningful support from a gentleman who was present in the court with her last week.

“We’ll have her out by Christmas day,” said judge Hughes.

“Thank you, god bless you,” said a visibly delighted Ms Doyle.

“She’ll be home to prepare the dinner,” said Judge Hughes addressing the man with her.