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Longford's Spirit team embraced the online challenge

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News reporter




The Spirit Clothing success story has been copperfastened by a growth in online sales

The Spirit success story has unfolded against the backdrop of one of the most intense recessions and the transformation of the retail sector with a massive shift towards online sales.

With several large stores and retailers closing, everything suggested that the Spirit story would not end well.

But public perception failed to take into account the ingenuity and enthusiasm of two young men from Longford.

“We knew that with the right clothing ranges, good staff, good service and a commitment to the community, that the business could succeed,” said Joe Flynn.

Whilst many businesses shied away from online, the Spirit team embraced the challenge. They have their own dedicated studio for photo shoots featuring stock and it helps that Joe's wife, Tina, is a first class photographer.

Local lad, Paddy Hackett looks after the online experience and it has continued to grow year on year.
With the crash in 2008 there was an outpouring of young men from the county to Australia and beyond.

For them, Spirit was a connection with home and thanks to a strong online presence, jeans and other items were packed in Dublin Street and dispatched to Australia within 48 hours.

It was a real home-grown success story.