Lisryan to open new Community Park

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Lisryan to open new Community Park

Left: some of the children enjoying the new park. Right: The completed Community Park

On Sunday, October 27 at 2pm, Lisryan are hosting a very special occasion to mark the official opening and blessing of the field at the heart of the village which has undergone a huge transformation and is now known as ‘Lisryan Community Park’.

What the village of Lisryan and surrounding communities now have at their disposal is a great testament to the dedication and commitment to all involved in the project from start to finish.

The village is unique in the very evident sense of community we live in. The Community Park is an invaluable asset to the communities and is a legacy for generations to come.

Meeting the costs of insurance for the park, maintenance and the general upkeep of both the park and village as a whole is always a challenge.

This is why the Lisryan and District Development Committee work so hard fundraising to ensure that the increasing costs are met at all times.

We as a committee are very conscious of the times we live in and the financial burdens already on families, but we would ask for your continued support as without it, well, to be honest that outcome is just not worth thinking about.

What we have in the Lisryan is very special and will be there for all generations to come with your continued support us in our endeavours to raise funds as best we can.

On behalf of Lisryan and District Development committee, we would like to extend a huge thanks to everyone and hope to see you all on Sunday October 27 at 2pm for this special day and enjoy refreshments afterwards in the park.