Casey committed to putting Longford at the heart of Europe

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Peter Casey

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Independent candidate Peter Casey is calling on Longford voters to “put their county at the heart of the EU” by voting for him on Friday.

The Midlands North West candidate said he will provide the strong independent voice Longford needs and deserves in the EU Parliament.

Mr Casey said, “Longford is suffering from years of neglect and needs a strong independent voice to fight for our prosperity.

“On May 24, you will have the opportunity to put Longford and your interests into the heart of Europe by lending me your support.

“I am committed to connecting Longford and rural Ireland to the heart of Europe – I am dedicated to fighting to improve our rural economy, infrastructure, internet connectivity, education, housing and security.”

Mr Casey is calling for a temporary suspension of freedom of movement to Ireland in light of the serious economic, societal and environmental difficulties Brexit presents.

“We’d be overwhelmed, we couldn’t afford it. The Government is already failing to address the housing crisis in Ireland,” he said.

On rural regeneration, Mr Casey remarked, “Rural Ireland has been abandoned, to the extent that young people living there feel they must leave to be successful.

“I will drive to ensure our towns and villages are well connected and properly serviced places where more people want to live and work.”