Don't Fence Me In: Junk Kouture success in Granard

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Don't Fence Me In: Junk Kouture success in Granard

Cnoc Mhuire Granard's spectacular creation, Don't Fence Me In

It was good news for Cnoc Mhuire Granard last week as the Transition Year team of Ellen Deneher, Lily Hemus and Niamh Kenny brought home a Junk Kouture Grand Finale prize for a video that accompanied their creation, Don't Fence Me In.

The three girls created their video to the soundtrack of The Sound of Silence, and focused on the issue of teen mental health.

In the video, they explain that their dress, Don't Fence Me In, is a reflection of their view of teenagers' mental health.

“We were inspired by designers such as Alexander McQueen and John Galliano to experiment with different shapes and textures - especially in our skirt and hooded bodice,” they explained.

The dress is completely handmade and the girls even went as far as to hand sew the knee-high boots that go with the outfit.

“The completely hand-sewn bodice, made from car and bicycle-tyre tubing, is black to represent the negativity present in everybody's mind,” they explained in the video.

“The bright orange fencing used in the skirt represents how you need to allow the light in your life to overpower the darkness.

“Our mechanical headpiece represents setting yourself free from negative thoughts and was definitely the most challenging aspect of our design.

“Our hand-sewn boots were originally ankle boots, which we extended into knee-high boots and accessorised with nuts and washers for an industrial effect.”

The video shows model, Ellen, in a derelict site, walking through fields and eventually climbing a steep hill. As she struggles towards the top, two hands reach out to help her up, signifying the importance of having friends when you're feeling low.

“Our dress shows how even though darkness can sometimes creep into all of our lives, it is important that we allow the brightness keep it at bay,” they said.

“Even on the darkest days, we know brighter days are coming. Nobody ever has to face their problems alone.”

The girls finish their video with the image of teenagers smiling as they help each other to overcome difficulties.

A final piece of advice is offered as the video comes to a conclusion:

“Reach out to each other. We are stronger together. A problem shared isn't just a problem halved - it's a problem solved.

“Open up your minds, share your thoughts, speak, listen. Set yourself free.”

VIDEO | Cnoc Mhuire Granard nabs Junk Kouture prize for spectacular mental health video