Longford Leader columnist Mattie Fox: Having secular patronage in schools may be a good thing

Mattie Fox


Mattie Fox



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Secular patronage in schools could be a positive development, argues Mattie Fox this week

The hu-ha over the handing over of some Catholic schools in Dublin to multi-denominational status may just be the best thing ever to have happened.

It resonated the Brexit catastrophe where leaving seemed a great idea but the alternative had not even been considered.

At least, in this case, there is time to construct a strategy for the hand over that will suit the present generation of parents and their children.

The letter from some schools in north Co Dublin to the parents, may have been a bit extreme in outlining the elimination of all religious celebrations, but what exactly was envisaged?

I have often been puzzled, particularly in recent years, as to why non-believers celebrate Christmas and Easter?

I suppose it's a matter of universal agreement on these occasions?

Having secular patronage in schools may be a good thing, and may return the moral and spiritual guidance to the home and the family.

A healthy knowledge of other people, irrespective of religious persuasion is good, & the younger it can be experienced the better it can be because I believe that no child is born biased. That is something they learn from the adults! In the house, and surroundings, growing up.

We have seen the positive results in Northern Ireland when the Catholic & Protestant children went to school together.
After years of ‘partition’ within their communities, they finally learned that we are all just the same.