Judge slams Granard man over 'intolerable' parenting

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Tipperary amateur jockey prosecution struck out at Cashel Court

Tipperary amateur jockey prosecution struck out at Cashel Court

The actions of a father of three who began kicking a car while his three children were inside during a late-night incident in Longford town has been described as an “intolerable way to bring up children”.

Judge Seamus Hughes hit out at Patrick Stokes, Orangefort, Coolarty, Granard after the 23-year-old was arrested and charged after being stopped by gardaí with driving with no licence and no insurance with his three children in the car at Mostrim Oaks last Monday (January 8).

That followed a public order incident at Dun Darrach on November 14 2018 during which Mr Stokes was both abusive to his partner and gardaí who were present.

Sgt Mark Mahon said when officers arrived at the scene shortly before 1am, they found Mr Stokes in the midst of a domestic disturbance with no t-shirt on.

“He was in a very irate manner and started roaring at gardaí,” said Sgt Mahon, before seconds later attempting to launch a series of kicks at his own car with “full force”.

Sgt Mahon added: “Three children were in the back of the car he was kicking and he invited anyone to fight him.”

It was further revealed that Mr Stokes had 22 previous convictions on his record with the most recent offence coming in February 2018.

His solicitor said all of the offences were predominantly fuelled by alcohol, a dependency which had now raised concerns among Mr Stokes’ own family as to the state of his liver.

Judge Hughes was told Mr Stokes would be willing to go to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and liaise with a consultant in Tullamore’s Midland Regional Hospital.

Judge Hughes said while he empathised with the seriousness that comes with alcoholism, this was an ailment which “didn’t begin overnight”, describing Mr Stokes’ behaviour as “bizarre to say the least”.

“It’s an intolerable way to bring up children and the way it will affect them,” he said.

Turning his attentions to Mr Stokes’ mother who was standing beside her son, the judge remarked: “She has had 23 years to straighten this man out and she has failed miserably.”

Judge Hughes sentenced Mr Stokes to ten weeks in prison for the Section 6 Public Order offence, suspending it for a period of three years.

A separate Section 4 Public Order charge was taken into consideration.