Julia O'Reilly to contest local election in Longford town in 2019

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Julia O'Reilly to contest local election in Longford town in 2019

Julia O'Reilly

With 2019 coming hot on the heels of the festive season, the county's gaze is fixed firmly on the upcoming local elections next May.

Some candidates have already put their names forward for election and the latest to do so is Julia O'Reilly.

Julia, who will be running as an Independent, is a Traveller woman, married to a member of the settled community and mother to two beautiful boys.

Her Longford roots lie in Ballymahon and Longford Town and she's hoping to develop a close bond between herself and the community in Longford town.

“I wish to be the voice for the many, not for the few, and help to break down barriers and build bridges with all communities so we can stand strong within ourselves as a people,” she told the Longford Leader.

“I believe we need to focus on Education, mental health and, of course, homes to have a healthy, balanced community so we can thrive together bringing new hope to the town itself.

“We have to start from the bottom so we can fix things forever,” she added.

“Longford is a beautiful landscape and the people are so positive. And I think that's often forgotten about. But I want Longford to lead all of the other counties.”