Longford Writers' Group to launch collaborative novella 'Let Him Lie'

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Writing a Eulogy

On December 3 at 7pm in Longford Library, there will be a launch of a Collaborative Novella called 'Let him Lie' written by 10 members of Longford Writers Group.

Members wrote a chapter each to contribute to the novella as a whole.

Those involved in the production were Rose Byrne, Yvonne Coates, Martina Cooney, Dan Flynn (who also did the artwork on the cover), Hilda Kennedy, Sally Martin, Maggi McKenna, Eileen Moynihan, Lilian Okhuakhua, and Ann Gerety Smyth.

The joint project was very kindly funded by Creative Ireland and the fruits of the writers' labour will be revealed at the launch on December 3.

The book tells the story of Emmett Maguire, who has died unexpectedly at the age of 64 in his hometown of Lusmór, a small country town in the Irish Midlands.

His death has touched many who passed through his life.

Emmett was an ordinary man with an ordinary life, and yet, through the thoughts of the mourners at his funeral, we explore the idea that no person is ever truly known and that a different version of every person is experienced by those around them.

Is there ever a truly ordinary man? And how many lives are changed from being in the company of an ordinary man – if only for a short part of their life?

From a notice in a newspaper, what can anyone really know of those who have passed?