Wife tells Longford court husband is 'dangerous'

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A man who appeared before Longford District Court last week charged with assault was sentenced to five months in prison, which the judge suspended for three years, following a hearing into the matter.

Dev Hansley Appadoo (39), 17 Battery Road, Longford appeared before Judge Seamus Hughes charged with assaulting Meenakshi Appadoo and causing her harm at 18 Mill Oaks, Drumlish, Longford on October 26, 2016.

He was also further charged with assaulting and causing her harm at 18 Mill Oaks on December 6, 2016.

Outlining the evidence to the court, Sergeant Paddy McGirl said that on October 26, 2016 an argument erupted between the defendant and his partner in the kitchen of their house in Drumlish.

The court heard that Mr Appadoo's partner subsequently went to the bedroom but the defendant followed her.

“He grabbed her by the throat and pushed her onto the bed; such was the force of the act, the bed broke,” added the Sergeant.

Meanwhile, the court was told that another argument broke out between the couple on December 26, 2016.

Again, the row began in the kitchen of the home and on this occasion the victim once again fled to the bedroom.

“She received soft tissue damage to her hand and had to flee to the bedroom,” Sergeant McGirl continued.

“That was the end of the assault.”

Mr Appadoo's wife then provided direct evidence to the court.

She told Judge Hughes that she would like the court to help her because “he is very dangerous”.

She went on to say that she needed to feel safe and wanted “justice” done for her.

“He has been too dangerous and has been violent towards me,” she continued.

“His family are putting pressure on my family to drop all the charges here.”

Meanwhile, in mitigation, the defendant’s solicitor Fiona Baxter said that at this point her client had lost his wife and his family.

“He is separated from her for the last two years and has had no access to the children for the last two months,” she added.

“He is finding all of this very difficult, particularly in relation to the children.”

Ms Baxter went on to say that the defendant was genuinely concerned about his children’s wellbeing.

“He has been a good father but is having difficulties accepting that the marriage is over,” the local solicitor said.

“He has been living here for 15 years and is originally from Mauritius.”

Following his deliberations on the matter, Judge Hughes sentenced the defendant to four months in prison for the assault on October 26, 2016.

He also imposed a further one month sentence to be served consecutive to the first sentence, in respect of the second assault charge, but suspended all for the three years on the grounds that the defendant does not reoffend.

“If he commits any further offence in that time, the prison sentence will be activated,” Judge Hughes concluded.