Team Hope's Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2018 launches

Longford Leader Reporter


Longford Leader Reporter


Team Hope's Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2018 launches

Team Hope are hoping to collect up to 280'000 shoeboxes this year

Team Hope’s Christmas Shoebox Appeal was launched this week by Alison Curtis of Today FM.

The Weekend Breakfast host has joined forces with Team Hope this year to encourage
families, friends, schools, community groups and businesses across Ireland to support the
annual Appeal and donate gift-filled shoeboxes to children from some of the poorest regions
of the world by 9th November.

It’s easy and simple for people to get involved in their own schools, communities, businesses
and among their family and friends. All you have to do is find an empty shoebox, wrap it in
Christmas paper and fill it with gifts for a boy or girl aged between 2 and 14, enclose €4 and
bring it to a local drop off point. You can get all the information and resources you need online

Alison said at the launch: “I’m delighted to be supporting the Team Hope Shoebox Appeal this
year. My daughter and I take part every year and it’s a very special way for children to
understand the power of giving to others but importantly, it is a great opportunity to share a
small but immensely powerful gift with less fortunate children.

Every Shoebox counts and I’m encouraging everyone to get involved in whatever way they can to help us smash the target
and deliver 280,000 Shoeboxes this year.”

Carol Hennessey, National Christmas Shoebox Appeal Manager says “This simple practical
act of kindness means so much to both people here in Ireland donating Shoeboxes and to
children overseas receiving a gift. It’s always thrilling to see how vulnerable children overseas
respond to receiving a Shoebox gift – their faces just light up!”

When considering items that are best to gift, think of the 4W’s:
 *Write – pen, pencil, copybook, paper, colouring book, felt pens, sharpener, eraser, solar
calculator (these children have no access to batteries).
 *Wash – toothbrush and toothpaste, soap (wrapped), facecloth, hairbrush, comb.
 *Wear – a hat, scarf, gloves, socks or underwear.
 *Wow – sunglasses, games, small Irish gift, a photo of yourself, sweets (must be in date
until at least April 2019), make up, a small musical instrument, toys like a doll, a car,
cuddly toy, skipping rope, yo-yo or finger puppet.

This year Team Hope are thrilled to be supported by Fitzpatrick Wholesale who are selling
Team Hope branded flat pack shoeboxes. The flat pack shoeboxes are available across Flying
Tiger Copenhagen stores and selected retailers nationwide, RRP €3.

In the last number of years there’s been lots of enquires about sourcing shoeboxes so now, if you can’t easily find
an average sized shoebox, you have the option to buy flat pack shoeboxes instead – no wrapping required!

So please get filling your shoeboxes! Make sure you donate your Shoebox gift through Team
Hope’s Drop-Off points by 9th November, this year’s deadline. There are 400 drop off points
nationwide, including all Axa, FastFit/FirstStop branches and Toymaster stores. To find your
nearest drop-off point visit