Longford businessman owes over €6k in rates

Court wants landlord to produce map of property

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A Longford town businessman who claims that Longford Co Council is charging him double his rates had his case adjourned so that the landlord at the property can present himself in court and provide a map of the building.

Eric Murray, Cartronghera Business Park, Athlone Road, Longford appeared before Judge Seamus Hughes charged with non payment of rates to Longford Co Council in 2017.

Outlining the evidence to the court David Barden of the Revenue Office at Longford Co Council said the local authority had issued an order fixing the defendant’s rate for 2017.

He said that order had been presented to Mr Murray and the defendant owed €6,535 in rates for that year.

“€6,535 is the amount that Longford Co Council is looking for,” he added, before pointing out that the defendant had not paid his rates as of yet.

Solicitor for Longford Co Council, Frank Gearty then told the court that was the state of play at present and over €6,000 in rates was now owed by the defendant.

Addressing the court directly, Mr Murray said that he only discovered in June that he was paying double the rate that others around him were paying.

“I was told to speak to the Valuation Office and I did that; they now have to measure my unit and then the rate can be set,” he added.

“At the moment I’m being charged for a whole build when I’m only using half of it.”

Mr Gearty, meanwhile, pointed out to the court that the defendant had spent time in prison over the matter.

“Mr Murray, very regrettably, has already seen the inside of Castlerea Prison over this,” he continued.

Following his deliberations on the matter, Judge Hughes adjourned proceedings for two weeks.

He then ordered Mr Murray’s landlord to present himself along with a map of the property at the next sitting.