Longford Leader columnist Mattie Fox: How an 84-year-old man took on intruders and won

Mattie Fox


Mattie Fox




Columnist Mattie Fox this week reflects on a recent court case in the UK which revealed how an old age pensioner bravely tackled intruders as they attempted to break into his home.

An 84 year old Irish man was in court last week, in Luton, England after resisting a burglary attack at his home, when two criminals broke in.

When he heard the breaking glass he reached for a billiard cue, which he kept beside the bed since last time he suffered a break in.

The Cork man, who’s lived in the house since 1965, said he had got the cue because of the previous burglary. “I kept it near the bed because I expected the thieves to come back again.”

The first burglary occurred just two months after the death of his wife in 2017. Then, £500 (€566) was robbed along with much of his wife’s jewellery.

Following that attack, he installed CCTV and an alarm.

In court, Mr Ring said he had tried to scare the recent burglars by turning on lights, but they had continued trying to break into his conservatory “as if I wasn’t there”.

In the court Mr Ring, the homeowner, said that he “rammed the billiard cue into the face of he first attacker” making him fall backwards, thinking that would make them retreat. However, the second burglar jumped over his companion, pulled the door open and “came in to fight me”.

“I hit him with the billiard cue a few times” he said, explaining that in the row he was cut several times with a Stanley knife.

Meanwhile however, he’d raised the alarm by setting off the burglar alarm.

“The carpet and armchairs were covered in blood – mine unfortunately. I was taken to hospital. I was in a few days. I was in a lot of agony.”

Roderick McDonald (52), of Luxembourg Close, Luton, and Stephen Simons (44), of Brook Street, Luton, deny aggravated burglary and causing grievous bodily harm to Mr Ring.

Prosecutor Isabel Delamere told the jury that DNA recovered from glass in the conservatory was swabbed and found to match Mr McDonald. CCTV from outside the house showed Mr Simons before he put on a balaclava, she said.

Mr Simons told the police: “I never ever carry a weapon. I was there. I went to the address because Mr McDonald took me there for a smoke.”

In court, Mr McDonald accepted he had gone to Mr Ring’s house. He said, “I was looking for somewhere to stay, chill out and have a smoke. I was smoking weed.”

Asked why he had covered his face, he said: “I have been a villain all my life. That is why I covered my face up.”

An 84 year old man, can take on burglars, and hurt them.

Isn’t it heartening?

The judge has reserved sentence until next month.