Enforcement of Residential Tenancy Board determination order can be heard at Longford District Court level

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Brendan Noone

Brendan Noone, Connellan Solicitors

Property prices continue to rise throughout the country and this has had the knock-on effect of forcing people to save for higher deposits in order to get on the property ladder.

The net result of this is that the number of people in rented accommodation is continuing to rise.

Unfortunately, monthly rent prices also continue to soar and defaulting rental payments amongst other issues has meant that there is a significant number of disputes between landlords and tenants being reported.

Most residential disputes between landlords and tenants will be initiated before the Residential Tenancies Board (“RTB”). After hearing the case the RTB will make its decision and issue what is known as a determination order.

Unfortunately, if one of the parties fail to comply with the determination order the other party must then seek to enforce the terms of it before the Courts.

The enforcement of an RTB determination order typically had to be brought in the Circuit Court. This was a very costly and cumbersome procedure.

Thankfully, the District Court Rules have been amended and from the 23rd March 2018 enforcement proceeding of an RTB determination order can now be initiated in the District Court rather than the Circuit Court.

This will mean that the party seeking to enforce the determination order can do so much quicker and cheaper than previously was the case.

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