Served alcohol without a licence

Defendant ran up tax liability of €50,000

Longford Leader


Longford Leader


A restaurant owner who served alcohol without a licence was convicted and fined €632 following a hearing into the matter at last week’s district court sitting in Longford.

Waik Cheung, The Rising Sun, 17 Dublin Street, Longford appeared before Judge Fiona Lydon charged with selling intoxicating liquor without taking out a proper licence at the Rising Sun, Longford on September 6, 2017.

Outlining the evidence to the court, State solicitor Mark Connellan said that on the date in question a representative from Custom and Excise entered the premises and ordered a meal.

The court heard the lady then ordered a glass of wine and it was subsequently served to her.

“Mr Cheung accepted responsibility for selling the wine and admitted not having a licence to do so,” said Mr Connellan.

Meanwhile, the defendant’s solicitor Fiona Baxter said that her client took over the family business on Dublin Street at a time when the economy was in difficulty.

“He ran up a tax liability of €50,000 and has been endeavoring to clear that bill in recent times,” she added, before pointing out that the total amount of tax now due was €15,000.”

The local solicitor went on to say that her client’s main difficulty now was that he was not in a position to obtain a tax clearance certificate as a result of the outstanding tax.

“The problem is that he can’t get a tax clearance certificate at the moment and he has leased out the business and is now working on the premises for the Leasee,” Ms Baxter added.

“He is working now to clear off the tax liability and plans to get the premises back and run it as a family business again.
“He employed 15 people when he ran the restaurant.”

Following her deliberations in the case, Judge Lydon convicted the defendant and fined him accordingly before bringing proceedings to a conclusion.