Longford District Court: 'Everybody deserves a second chance'

Court hears defendant is engaging with relevant authorities

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“Everybody deserves a second chance” - these were the sentiments expressed by presiding Judge, Fiona Lydon during the case of a young man who appeared before her in Longford charged under the Public Order Act.

Oisin Washington (18), 28 Springlawn, Longford appeared before the Judge charged with being intoxicated in a public place at Longford Garda Station and engaging in threatening, abusive and insulting words or behaviour on December 23, 2017.

Outlining the evidence to the court, Inspector Padraig Jones said that on the date in question at 3:57 am the defendant was arrested after an incident at his own home.

The court was told the house had been damaged and gardaí were called.

“During his time at the Garda station, Mr Washington was extremely abusive and told gardaí that he hoped they all died from Aids,” continued the Inspector.

“He was also lashing out and being abusive.”

In mitigation, the defendant’s solicitor Frank Gearty said his client had a “strongly supportive” mother and two siblings who had good jobs and were “doing well”.

“He suffered a trauma last year when he witnessed a fatality,” added Mr Gearty, before pointing out the defendant had also taken steps to deal with his issues.

“He is engaging with the relevant authorities in a relevant and meaningful way and hopefully he will do the right thing now and get on with his life.”

During her deliberations on the matter, Judge Lydon said that the Probation Report before her, in respect of the defendant, proved “very positive” and stated clearly that the defendant was at a low risk of reoffending.

“You are also engaging with the authorities and I would advise you to continue with drugs and alcohol counselling,” she added.
“Everybody deserves a second chance.”

The Judge subsequently ordered the defendant to pay €350 into the court poor box by May 22next before bringing matters before her to a conclusion.