Civil Defence crews 'stood down' in Longford due to Storm Emma

Longford Civil Defence vehicles and equipment are available to the Army if required

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Civil Defence crews in counties Kildare, Laois, Leitrim, Longford and Offaly are standing down for the duration of Storm Emma.

The crews are acting on a national directive issued by the National Emergency Co-Ordination Group.

The news comes on foot of a decision from Longford County Council to cease all gritting and ploughing services from 3pm on Thursday until further notice.

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Longford County Council, in a statement released at lunch time, again reminded the public to stay indoors and not to travel during this severe weather event.

The local authority spokesperson added, "With regard to community support , Longford Civil Defence are not in a position to carry out certain duties at this time.

"Longford County Council is grateful that the Army has been able to provide the necessary supports instead.

"Longford Civil Defence vehicles and equipment are available to the Army if required."

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