Legan Cllr Paul Ross calls into question public procurement laws

Liam Cosgrove


Liam Cosgrove



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Cllr Paul Ross

Procurement laws, not for the first time, have come in for stinging rebuke at local political level, writes Liam Cosgrove.

Cllr Paul Ross took aim at the current guidelines being asked of local authorities such as Longford County Council.

The Fine Gael councillor's remarks were aired at last week's meeting of Longford CountyCouncil.

Cllr Ross was particularly aggrieved at how local authorities are obliged to engage in the public procurement process once a project reaches or exceeds €1500.

“It's stymying roads maintenance jobs,” he said, as he revealed one locally based project required not one, but three separate quotes being obtained.

“It's absolutely ridiculous that we have to go down the procurement route.

“It's pricing gone mad so it is.”