Granard postmaster hopes deal will work

€30m for rural post offices

Longford Leader


Longford Leader


Granard postmaster hopes deal with work

Padraig McNamara

Minister for Communications Denis Naughten has secured government approval to immediately provide €30 million of State funding to protect the future of the postal network.

Executive Member, Irish Postmasters Union, Padraig McNamara from Granard says the devil is in the detail and members have yet to access that detail.

“The devil is in the detail as they say and until we see what exactly is in the deal, we do not know what impact this is going to have on the post office network,” he added, before pointing to the fact that An Post , the Irish Postmasters Union needed to sit down with the Government and finalise a deal once and for all.

The funding will also allow for a continuation of a five-day week postal delivery service to every address in the country.

“We would hope that this will be a realistic offer and one that will work for all post offices,” Mr McNamara continued.

“There are serious decisions to be made by members of the Irish Postmasters Union now.”

Meanwhile, Minister Naughten said the funding would keep rural post offices operational.

“The local post office is a defining feature of towns and villages across Ireland,” he pointed out.

“Many people throughout Ireland still heavily rely on their local post office for essential public service.

An Post is entering into a period of significant change but this change is critical to ensuring the long-term success of our national postal service. Doing nothing is not an option.”