Longford District Court: No insurance case struck out

Defendant said employer assured him 'everything was in order'

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A man who appeared at last week’s sitting of Longford District charged under the Road Traffic Act had the case against him struck out following a hearing into the matter.

Luis Vergadim, 2 Boyne Court, Summerhill Road, Dunboyne, Co Meath appeared before Judge Seamus Hughes charged with driving without insurance at Rathcronin, Granard, Co Longford on September 29, 2016.

Outlining the evidence to the court, Inspector Bláithín Moran said that when gardaí stopped the defendant on the date in question, they discovered that he was not insured to drive the vehicle.

The court also heard that the tachograph on the truck at the time of the incident was not working.

In mitigation, the defendant’s solicitor Bríd Mimnagh said that her client was driving the vehicle on the date in question for another individual, whom the court heard had asked Mr Vergadim to do him a favour.

“My client worked with this man and even checked with him to make sure that the insurance covered him to drive the truck,” Ms Mimnagh continued.

“He was told he was covered to drive and went ahead and did the job he was asked to do.”

Meanwhile, Judge Hughes heard that the defendant had a Brazilian licence when gardaí stopped him in Granard towards the end of last year.

Mr Vergadim also addressed the Judge.

“I was asked to bring a load to Granard and it was only when Sergeant Rowan stopped me that I discovered I wasn’t insured,” he added.

“I thought I was covered and even checked with my employer about that.”

Ms Mimnagh then informed the court that her client had never been in trouble with the law prior to this matter and had left his employment that very day as a result of what had transpired.

Sergeant Rowan then added; “I contacted Mr Vergadim’s employer and he confirmed to me that he had instructed the defendant to drive the vehicle and everything was in order for him to do so”.

Following his deliberations, Judge Hughes struck the case out before bringing matters to a conclusion.