News from the Capital: Marquee in Drumlish Festival

Liam Caldwell


Liam Caldwell


Nathan Carter

Nathan Carter performing at last year's Marquee in Drumlish

Although only going for the past eight years, the Marquee in Drumlish Festival has already burned itself into the consciousness of festival goers all over Ireland, and indeed among the Irish diaspora.

As a strong brand it has taken its place alongside long-standing festivals like Lisdoonvarna and the Rose of Tralee and its popularity spread quickly from the beginning, the catalyst being Declan Nerney’s catchy song, from which the festival took its name.

Incidentally, Drumlish may be the focus of the song, but it also a succint social history of Ireland in the late 60’s early 70’s when large, white tents appeared for a couple of weeks in Summer beside towns and villages all over Ireland, drawing the big bands of the day.

However, early popularity can only be maintained in the long term by serious and sustained effort on behalf of many people.

Every year since it started, the Marquee in Drumlish Festival committee has come up trumps, and this year was no exception.

The organisation was exemplary, the entertainment was of an international order and, busy though Packie Duffy and his committee were, they had time to be welcoming and friendly. To invoke the old entertainment motto “keep her going, Patsy”!!