Man who impeded garda in jail threat

Court grants defendant legal aid

Longford Leader


Longford Leader


A man charged with obstructing a garda in the line of duty has indicated he intends pleading not guilty to the charge.

Pawel Bocianowski (35) with an address at 28 Battery Court, Longford was charged with the alleged offence following an incident at Church Street, Longford on May 10 2017.

Mr Bocianowski said he intended defending himself while attempting to hand in a letter from a solicitor’s office he claimed was quoting him €1,000 to represent him.

As Judge Hughes attempted to read over the case file, Supt Jim Delaney hinted he may be “at risk”.

Turning towards Mr Bocianowski the judge said: “That means if I find you guilty I might send you to prison”.

Under those circumstances, Judge Hughes said it was important Mr Bocianowski sought professional advice, adding he intended granting him legal aid to do just that.

When asked when Garda Liam Ward would be available to provide evidence on the case, it was suggested to Judge Hughes a date in early December might be the most opportune time.

“The turf must be well in by now,” came the witty reply from the Mayo born judge.

The case was ultimately pencilled in for hearing on December 5 next.