Longford Districy Court: Hopped across fence and damaged cars

Ordered to pay compensation for damaging cars

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Longford District Court

A woman who appeared before Longford District Court recently charged with criminal damage had her case adjourned to allow for compensation, following a full hearing into the matter.

Lorraine Halvey, Lamagh, Newtownforbes, Co Longford appeared before Judge Seamus Hughes charged with damaging the exhaust of a car belonging to Ronan Halvey and damaging the turbo and ECR valve of a car belonging to Jane Halvey at Lamagh, Newtownforbes on May 17, 2016.

The defendant was also further charged with damaging the paintwork of Ms Halvey’s car on the same date.

Outlining the evidence to the court, Inspector Bláithín Moran said that on the date in question Shane Halvey called into Longford Garda Station where he made a complaint about criminal damage at his property.

She said that Mr Halvey indicated that serious damage had been caused to two vehicles parked at his house.

“He said that two vehicles belonging to his wife Jane and his son had been damaged,” the Inspector added.

“Mr Halvey said there had been previous incidents and so the family decided to install a camera on one of the cars in an effort to determine what was going on.”

The footage from the camera, the court was told, was subsequently viewed by gardaí and while watching it, they observed the defendant causing damage to the vehicles.

“Ms Halvey is a neighbour and it appears that she hopped across the fence and caused this damage to the cars,” Inspector Moran continued.

“She can be seen on the camera footage spraying a can close to one of the cars; there was damage caused to two vehicles.”

Meanwhile, the court was told that the total cost of the damage caused by Ms Falvey was €2,500.

In mitigation, the defendant’s solicitor Frank Gearty said those involved in the case were all connected.

“Shane Halvey is the brother of Lorraine’s ex husband,” Mr Gearty added, before pointing out to the court that his client wanted Judge Hughes to afford her time to pay compensation to the injured parties.

“She is caring for an adult child who is severely disabled.”

Addressing Judge Hughes, the defendant denied that she had sprayed anything on the cars and pointed out that she had problems with the Halvey’s dog, which she added, was the cause of all the aggravation.

“Their dog is constantly barking and I have a disabled son; he has a problem with his ears and the barking dog distresses him,” she fumed.

“He just can’t handle the barking at all.”

Meanwhile, during his deliberations on the matter, Judge Hughes said the defendant’s behaviour was “bizarre”.

“I can’t believe that you would come to court with no compensation,” he fumed at the her before ordering Ms Falvey not to have any contact the victims in the case again.

“Don’t even look at them sideways.”

The defendant was ordered to appear back before Longford District Court on October 10 next with some form of compensation in tow.