Accused 'no longer big man of Granard'

Man hands in €1,250 by way of compensation

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Longford Leader


Accused 'no longer big man of Granard'

A man who broke another man’s nose during a late night altercation at a north Longford fast food outlet has been handed a suspended four month prison term.

Michael Cronogue, of 1 Longford Road, Granard was handed the sentence following an incident at Superbites, Granard on December 18 last year.

Mr Cronogue’s defence solicitor Frank Gearty said the case had previously been adjourned to allow for CCTV footage to be examined from the alleged incident.

He also told of how Mr Cronogue had on that occasion arrived into court with €700 by way of compensation, a figure which he was now willing to increase to €1,250.

Mr Gearty said this was amassed through social welfare payments as well as through a loan from his brother.

Now aged 21, Mr Gearty said it was possible that Mr Cronogue was suffering from ADHD.

“He was acting the big fella around Granard but he now realises he is not,” said Mr Gearty.

“He was really intervening in a row and didn’t intend to hit the poor man (victim).”

Mr Cronogue was also charged with two road traffic offences on St Patrick’s Day 2017, one of which was for dangerous driving.

Judge Hughes was told Sgt Mick Hogan and Garda Tracey Shanley had to “step out of the way” when a VW caddy van allegedly being driven by the accused failed to stop at a garda checkpoint at around 9am.

Mr Cronogue, it emerged, was later identified by gardaí on Granard’s main street after exiting a local public house.

During his exchanges with gardaí, Judge Hughes was told Mr Cronogue became abusive while denying any involvement in the alleged dangerous driving charge.

Garda Padraig McWeeney, who admitted he was not present at the checkpoint, attempted to explain the type of language which had been directed towards his colleagues.

“It was something along the lines of f*** off, it wasn’t me,” he said.

“He (Mr Cronogue) had exited the public house when we encountered him on the main street.”

Mr Gearty said his client had opted to “drown the shamrock” following the incident until he was later spotted by gardaí.
“He was drinking away since the incident and he was unfortunately drowning the shamrock,” he said.

It was also revealed Mr Cronogue had provided no evidence of insurance to investigating officers.

Mr Gearty said the young Granard man was holding his hands up to what had transpired, describing it as an act of “stupidity”.
“He is no longer the big fella in Granard, he is now the little fella,” he said.

Judge Hughes took a more indignant tone.

“He (Mr Cronogue) is a clever, cute buck by spending money on chips and not insurance,” he said.

Judge Hughes consequently imposed a four month prison sentence for the Section 3 assault and suspended it for three years.

Concurrent sentences for the dangerous driving charge and no insurance were also issued as were fines totalling more than €1,500 with Mr Cronogue being given three months to pay.