Séan Kelly Memorial Truck Run in aid of Longford Sub Aqua Club

Up to 120 trucks expected to take part in Memorial Truck Run for Séan Kelly Junior

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Séan Kelly Memorial Truck Run in aid of Longford Sub Aqua Club

On July 8, a charity truck run will be held in aid of Longford Sub Aqua Club.

The charity truck run is being hosted by Séan and Myra Kelly, the parents of Séan Kelly Junior, and his sisters from Killoe.

Séan Kelly junior tragically lost his life at the age of 26 in a drowning accident while on a stag weekend with a group of friends eight years ago.

The Longford Sub Aqua Club was very helpful and supportive to Séan’s family at the time and has held a strong bond with them since.

The family wish to show their appreciation to the club by organising the Séan Kelly Junior Memorial Truck Run.

Trucks were a huge part of Séan junior and Séan senior’s lives as both were truck drivers and worked for the Protrans for many years.

After Séan’s death the Protans Company owned by the McGrath family and work colleagues formed a strong bond with the Kelly family.

For Séan’s family, this will be the third annual truck run in aid of Longford Sub Aqua Club.

On Saturday July 8 - Séan's birthday - it is hoped that 100 to 120 trucks will take part in the convoy, which will start on the Ballinalee Road and go through Longford town on to the parish of Killoe and will pause at the cemetery where Séan junior is buried.

Registration will take place on the day and those wishing to participate can gather at Longford Sub Aqua Club house at 5pm where the run will begin. Registration fee is €30 and the event will finish with a function on the night in 'The Old Forge' Killoe, and we are looking forward to a good response.

We very much appreciate the great work that Longford Sub Aqua Club do, and would be delighted to be able to give something back to this very worthy organisation.