Judge imprisons Longford man for fast food theft

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A man who appeared before Longford District Court last week charged under the Theft & Fraud Offences Act was sentenced to one month in jail following a hearing into the matter.

Patrick Nevin, 1 Knockloughlin, Ballinalee, Longford appeared before Judge Seamus Hughes charged with stealing chinese food at Knockloughin, Longford on September 25, 2016.

Outlining the evidence to the court, Superintendent Fran Nicholson said that on the date in question the defendant and a co-accused had been drinking and subsequently ordered two chinese takeaways.

One meal cost €25, while the other amounted to €66, the court heard.

“The food was delivered and the defendant [and co-accused] took it from the delivery drivers,” the Superintendent continued.
“They shouted at the drivers and then threatened them.

“They told them to leave.”

The court then heard that the next day, Mr Nevin went to the restaurants and paid for the food.

In mitigation, the defendant’s solicitor Bríd Mimnagh said that because her client had ordered food from Granard, there had been additional delivery charges added to the overall bill as a result of the distance involved.

“The total cost was €91 and they probably had to pay travelling expenses as well,” she added.

“I’m afraid that drink is this young man’s problem; he is never in trouble when he is not drinking - when he is, all hell breaks loose.

“His mother and father’s hearts are broken with him at the moment.”

Following his deliberations on the matter, Judge Hughes warned the defendant not to appear before him again.

“I have a lot of patience Patrick,” said the Judge.

“But I am warning you now, if you come back here again, I will lose that patience and there will be trouble.”