Longford Leader columnist: Wiping out any remaining Irishness

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Flags and whistles confiscated at Limerick parade

Ten Irish flags and 44 whistles were confiscated

The country seems intent on wiping out any remaining Irishness in our country. The latest enthusiast for modernisation is Richard Bruton who is endeavouring to project the image of zero faith - nowadays known as multicultural tolerance.

I wonder does Richard ever visit Portugal or Italy, or France, or Spain?

Not much preoccupation with such multiculturalism there.

This is one of the many things that make any country stand out from the modern race to "engage best international practice"!?

Why should we care about best international practice when we don't bother our heads running our Gardaí, or our Health Service according to "best international practice".

What utter tosh this is.

If Richard Bruton gets his way he will manage to erase all trace of religion in our schools. The vast majority of Irish people are Catholic; who is demanding that schools should lose their ethos.....whether they are Catholic, Protestant or indeed Muslim?

What's the big fuss?

Ireland has been multicultural in school attendance, in my lifetime.

The fact is, that Ireland nowadays is a much changed society simply in terms of numbers seeking schooling.

The Government need to recognise that more schools should be built, particularly in Dublin 6, or Dublin 4, or maybe in the general Dublin area?

I have a hunch that most noise about denial of availability comes from the Dublin area.

This doesn't mean the entire country should be turned on its head.

Nobody should be denied entry to a school.

Don't tell me it's not economically viable. Another worn excuse we're hearing far too often.

Why not cut the number of TDs in the house if being economically viable was the order of the day?

Instead we see our overcrowded house getting pay rises like new time - almost every year.

As I recently wrote in this column, we should be catering in a special way for Irish people and preserving our traditions. Not seeking to erase everything that's quintessentially Irish.