Rubbish dumped at Corlea Bog

Judge says Longford County Council is good at litter prosecutions

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A couple who appeared at last week’s sitting of Longford District Court charged in connection with littering at Corlea Bog had their case adjourned to May 19 next so that all the evidence in the case could be gathered.

Frances and John Paul Doyle, 18 Cluain Ard, Longford appeared before Judge Seamus Hughes charged with disposing of waste in a manner that causes environmental pollution at Cloonbreany, Kenagh, Co Longford on November 11 last.

Giving evidence in the case, Longford Litter Warden Bridget Devine said she came across the bags of domestic rubbish after she had been alerted to the matter on the date in question.

She told the Court that the rubbish had been dumped close to Corlea Bog - one of the Longford and the midlands top tourist attractions.

“There is a major problem with rubbish being dumped in that area,” Ms Devine told Judge Hughes, before pointing out that, in this particular case, a lot of the rubbish could have been recycled, instead of dumped.

“That area in Kenagh is a tourist spot and the rubbish is causing a lot of problems for everyone in the area.”

Meanwhile, Judge Hughes said he was becoming more and more infuriated with fly tippers in his district area.

“I must say though,” he added, “Longford County Council is better than Westmeath County Council for prosecuting for litter and indeed incidents of it.”

The Judge went on to say that it was mind boggling to see one of the largest refuse collectors in the country based in County Longford - Mulleadys - and to then observe the amount of illegal dumping that was going on in the county.

“I don’t accept that there are other refuse collectors operating here any more,” the Judge continued.

“As far as this court is concerned, this was a blatant attempt to dump rubbish just to avoid paying the €10 or whatever it is for proper waste disposal.

“Then to go and dump it in a tourist spot - I mean, I just don’t know what to say.”

Thereafter, the Judge adjourned proceedings and ordered the Doyles to appear back before him next month when a full hearing into the matter is expected.