Man pleads guilty to criminal damage at Longford hostel

Case adjourned for compensation

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Longford Leader


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A man accused of damaging a window at a hostel in Longford town last month has been ordered to return before a later court sitting to pay the remaining part of compensation that’s due.

Yuri Cataldo, Apartment 201 Richmond Court, Richmond Street, Longford was charged with causing criminal damage to a window at Richmond Court, Richmond Street, Longford on March 22 2017.

It emerged the alleged damage caused amounted to €200, leading to Mr Cataldo being charged under Section 2 of the Criminal Damage Act 1991.

Mr Cataldo, who represented himself throughout the duration of the five minute hearing, indicated he would be pleading guilty.

Judge Hughes asked Mr Cataldo if he was in a position to pay for the damage.

“Not now, but I can get it tomorrow,” he said.

Judge Hughes said that offer was one he could not agree to as there was no court sitting in Longford on Wednesday.

Mr Cataldo said he had €100 with him to hand in straight away, leading Judge Hughes to ask if he would be in a position to tender the remaining monies owed at a later date.

Confirming that he would, Mr Cataldo was ordered to return before a sitting of Longford District Court yesterday (Tuesday) to follow through on that commitment.