Down Memory Lane: More trouble at council meeting 

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Down Memory Lane in Longford: Renowned editor dies

January 13, 1984

There was further conflict and a heated argument between members of Longford County Council on the subject of Sinn Fein members alleged support for violence at their meeting last Monday and for the second month running Robert Farrell walked out of the meeting.

Dealing with the minutes from the January meeting the chairman, Mick Nevin asked that a paragraph referring to the shooting in Ballinamore and the bombing of Harrods Store in London be deleted.

The minutes read: “The chairman (Cllr M Nevin) also offered his personal sympathy to both families (Kellys and Sheehans) and to the families of the victims of the car bomb at Harrods Store in London, which he also condemned”.

During discussion on this matter Cllr R Farrell left the meeting in protest at the recent acts of violence and what he described as the efforts of the Sinn Fein members of the council to justify them”.

Mr Farrell said he was sickened when he heard Sinn Fein Councillor Sean Lynch stating that it was not the policy of Sinn Fein to shoot members of the security forces.

Michael Brennan said they should make sure no one comes into council meetings to throw balls. It's like balls of snow – they melt, he added. Mr Farrell said he wasn't in a position for firing balls.