Longford Leader Columnist: Niall Glennon possessed genius and his bravery was inspiring

Mattie Fox


Mattie Fox



Deaths in Longford - March 15, 2017

Niall Glennon was an ordinary, carefree guy to meet. A very friendly guy. But, for those who knew him well, a most extraordinarily complex mind and talent.

Talent that delivered some incredible songs, one of which was about "Family".

A really great song. Which needed more careful consideration and further tweaking to make it accessible. Several songs were memorable but he never could manage to really finish the new ones, always going on to record more ideas, more complexity... just more and more and more... while all around him people were trying to absorb the new stuff.

That was old stuff, already, in Niall's head.

Niall always sought to achieve something completely different, and in that he succeeded beyond belief. His compositions were so complex, and multi layered, for the everyday mind to absorb.

He'd overdub guitars layer upon layer, to the point of leaving the listener beyond understanding.

Without doubt, he possessed genius informing all his work.

He passed through the music world at lightning pace, casting aside unpolished nuggets on all sides, left and right, as he was constantly seized and inspired by new ideas to explore.

Didn't have time to finish the gems he'd already created.

Niall left this world on Tuesday last, March 14.

His passing was something which I, personally, felt truly hard to swallow.

Nothing affected me more deeply.

He was a young man who would have appeared to have been in the prime of his life, but like many of us he had challenges to contend with.

I knew Niall quite well, and loved to spend time with him, always most rewarding. He shared some of his personal challenges with me, his bravery and determination to overcome them was inspiring but unfortunately like his music, this too was unfinished and he is gone too soon.

His family were always there for him, four square, and they can be proud of that.

As they can be proud of all he did. At his funeral in St Mel's Cathedral last Saturday his brother Martin presented an eloquent eulogy about Niall.

Sincere, and, at times amusing. Terrific.

Very touching, very unadorned, simple facts.

Impressive, as always.

His wife Eleanor and his three daughters, Emily, Lucy and Holly must remember him as a loving, warm hearted, good humoured man, who was full of exuberant life almost every minute of the day.

Niall Glennon will be remembered fondly by all who came into contact with him.

Meeting him, at any time, no matter how long, short, or hurried, always left a mark. Always left one provoked and wondering about something he'd raise in passing.

Niall Glennon 1976 - 2017. RIP.