Former Longford councillor embroiled in row over Edgeworthstown mast

Aisling Kiernan


Aisling Kiernan


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Last week, Merval Oval LTD issued circuit court proceedings against TJO Developments Ltd and its director, Frank Kilbride.
The matter centred around telecommunications equipment in Edgeworthstown that is used by Vodafone Ireland Ltd to provide services to its customers.

Merval Oval LTD took out an injunction against TJO Developments and Mr Kilbride restraining them from interfering with the a communications facility and mast at the lands and premises known as the Park House Hotel in Edgeworthstown on March 15, 2017.

During the hearing at Longford Circuit Court last week, Mr Kilbride was ordered not to interfere with vodafone infrastructure located on his lands at the Park House Hotel.

Defence solicitor Mark Connellan told the court that the difficulties which had arisen between the two parties had been “resolved at least temporarily”.

Mr Kilbride subsequently undertook not to interfere in any way with personnel from accessing its equipment or carry out works that might impede the network of Vodafone.

The Edgeworthstown man was also ordered not to interfere with the supply to and from that equipment, and not power down the supply at the Park House Hotel in Edgeworthstown.
Costs in the case were reserved and the Judge warned Mr Kilbride that “henceforth you are not to interfere with the equipment”. The matter is currently being monitored.