Longford Leader comment: RTÉ exposé made for grim viewing

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Longford Leader comment: RTÉ exposé made for grim viewing

Monday night’s Primetime special made for harrowing viewing and should be the kick in the backside that the government and Simon Harris as the Minister for Health needs, to get things sorted.

But in truth the services has faced the same issues in spite of several successive governments. From the outside it seems easy to fix  and the public are growing ever more perplexed at the apparent inability of whatever government is in power to tackle this crisis.

All the personal stories were harrowing and soul destroying. We have sacrificed too much in this country to have to contend with, and make do with a third rate health service. We deserve the best because we’ve paid for it in taxes, blood and sweat over the years.

It is deeply troubling that the HSE and Dept of Health appear to be colluding in  the massaging of the figures  in terms of those on waiting lists. It is unacceptable. It pertains to people’s lives and it is not something to be toyed with or used as a political football.

The Minister and the HSE are apologetic but that won’t improve the situation or get the operations done.  Hard and brutal decisions will have to be taken in relation  to the health service.

Many of the experts tell us that money  isn’t an issue though it probably isn’t being spent in the best or most  appropriate manner. What seems to be an issue is where the staff are located and what they are doing.

If you were in Mullingar   hospital today it is likely you will see three or more admin personnel for every nurse or front line staff member.  In an era where the computer  is king that doesn’t make sense.

The service needs to be stripped back and many within the service won’t like it and it is probable that the government hasn’t  the will to go about it.

All the while the patients will suffer.