Heartburn Awareness Week in Longford pharmacies

Alan Walsh


Alan Walsh

Heartburn Awareness Week in Longford pharmacies

This coming week, Heartburn Awareness Week returns for the second year to drive awareness of a condition affecting over half the population (51%). The campaign encourages people to speak to their local pharmacist and to find the most effective treatment, and there are a number of pharmacies participating around Longford.

National Heartburn Awareness Week returns for its second year from Monday, October 24, to highlight a condition that affects over half of the population.

After a successful inaugural Heartburn Awareness Week in 2015, this October the nation is being advised to be mindful of the condition and its lifestyle effects, and to seek more information from their pharmacist if suffering regularly with heartburn symptoms.

With one in three Irish people suffering from heartburn more than once a week, Dr Ciara Kelly is once again encouraging people to consult with their local pharmacist on how best to manage the ailment, reminding the nation that heartburn is something easily treated.

The pharmacist should be the first choice for advice, as many heartburn cases can be solved over the counter without a visit to the GP required.

In addition to speaking with pharmacists, Dr Kelly advises those suffering with heartburn symptoms to:

·         Keep a food diary and listen to your body. Pay heed to what causes your heartburn to flare up, monitor and avoid these foods.

·         Don't eat late at night before you're about to go to bed, having a full stomach before you lie down will increase acid backflow and put pressure on digestion.

·         Avoid spicy foods that effect your stomach balance, especially anything with lots of chilli.

·         Consciously add acid neutralising foods to the diet, such as almond milk, bananas, ginger, porridge.

·         Keep your alcohol intake within recommended limits (17 units for a man, 11 units for a woman per week, or less!)

·         Reduce your tea and coffee intake, again especially before you go to bed.