Big turnout at Teagasc conference

Big turnout at Teagasc conference

Large numbers of beef farmers attended the Teagasc National Beef Conference which took place last Tuesday in Athlone. 

The theme for the conference was putting ‘Practice into Profit’ and speaking at the opening of the conference, Teagasc Director, Professor Gerry Boyle said that through research, advisory and education programmes, the organisation would continue to play a huge role in working with farmers and the beef industry to ensure that technologies were put into practice on farms.

“This ,” he added, “will lead to more sustainable and profitable beef systems on Irish farms over the coming years”. 

Meanwhile, Rob Prendiville, Teagasc researcher, presented the latest research coming from Johnstown Castle where many different systems of dairy calf-to-beef have been evaluated in recent years. 

“Systems that utilise high quantities of pasture and which are focused on high output per hectare are fundamental to the profitability of calf to beef systems,” he added.  

During the conference, Teagasc geneticist, Donagh Berry described how over the coming years beef genomics would be about much more than just increasing the reliability of the beef breeding indices. 

“There are many uses for genomics including parentage verification, mating advice to minimise inbreeding, monitoring of major genes or unfavourable DNA mutations, as well as increased accuracy of genetic evaluations,” he concluded.