Longford experiences 2pc property turnover rate

Longford experiences 2pc property turnover rate

Longford had a housing turnover rate of 2.1% between July 2015 and June 2016 according to the GeoView report published by GeoDirectory.

This was the same as the national average housing turnover rate for the same period.

By cross referencing the Property Price Register (PPR), the 2016 CSO Census of Population and the GeoDirectory Database, the GeoView report offers new, unique insights into the residential housing density, turnover, development and shortage. 

The national average house price for the year was €232,862, however the average price falls to €168,078 when Dublin is excluded. Dublin had the highest average transaction price (€380,237). Wicklow had the second highest average price (€315,564) and Kildare (€255,967) the third highest. 

Three counties had average property prices of less than €100,000: Longford (€80,357) had the lowest average price, followed by Roscommon (€88,317) and Leitrim (€91,608).

The greatest concentration of dwellings per 1,000 of the population occurred in Leitrim (574),

Leitrim had the highest vacancy rate (29.5%), while Longford had a vacancy rate of 17.5%, well above the national average rate of 12.8%.

A total of 4,375 dwellings were classified as being under construction. Almost 25% (1,089) of all buildings under construction were located in the Capital.

Building activity was weakest in Longford, Leitrim and Roscommon as fewer than 60 buildings under construction were recorded between these three counties.