Midlands rape accused tells jury he didn’t cause any injuries found on woman

Declan Brennan


Declan Brennan



Midlands rape accused tells jury he didn’t cause any injuries found on woman

Midlands rape accused tells jury he didn’t cause any injuries found on woman

A Westmeath man accused of raping a woman he met at a New Year’s Eve ball has told a jury he did not cause any of the injuries found on her body after the alleged rape.

The 33-year-old man has pleaded not guilty at the Central Criminal Court  to a charge of rape at his home in Westmeath on January 1, 2017.

The complainant was visiting a friend and had planned to spend the night in that woman's home after going to a ball in the local GAA clubhouse. She met the accused and they kissed.

In her evidence she said that when she couldn't find her friend she decided she had no other option but to accept an invitation to the man's house. She said that she told him there would be no sexual activity and he agreed but that minutes after entering his home he attacked her and raped her in his front sitting room.

The man has told the jury that he and the woman never discussed what would happen in the house. He maintains that there was consensual sexual activity in the house.

Giving evidence himself, the accused told Caroline Biggs SC, defending, that he strongly refutes the allegation of rape. He repeatedly said “that is not true” to details of the woman's account, including testimony that she was kicking and slapping him away as he attacked her.

He said evidence that he grabbed her tightly around the waist from behind and anally raped her from behind is not true.

Under cross-examination Orla Crowe SC, prosecuting, asked him about a number of injuries found during a medical examination of the woman at the Mullingar hospital the day after the alleged rape.

Ms Crowe said the woman “had a host of injuries” including tender bruising to her right and left shoulders, extreme tenderness to the “snuff box” area of the hand, and red abrasions on either side of the belly button.

The defendant repeatedly replied to each bruise “I didn't do it”. Asked to explain them, he replied “I didn't cause it”. He said there was no violence during the encounter.

The mother of the accused gave evidence that she went to bed that night after having some drinks in two pubs. She said she was woken up in the middle of the night by the noise of a car pulling up and heard voices, one of which she recognised as a relative who had given the defendant and the complainant a lift home.

She said she went back to sleep and heard nothing else that night and that she is a light sleeper.

She said her daughter visited the next morning and they were talking in the kitchen and she heard voices from the sitting room. Her daughter told the jury this sounded like “the ebb and flow of normal conversation”.

She said nobody came into the kitchen and she heard two people leaving the house and going off in a car. The accused earlier testified that he went into the kitchen and the back utility room to get the car keys before leaving.

The trial continues before Justice Paul McDermott and a jury.