'Chaotic' scenes at Dundalk graveyard after car drives into crowd

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'Chaotic' scenes at Dundalk graveyard after car drives into crowd

There were chaotic scenes at St Patrick Cemetery in Dundalk this afternoon after a car drive through the crowd at the annual blessing of the graves ceremony.

The Democrat understands that at least one elderly man has been taken to hospital with further early reports of other injuries.

The Democrat also understands that the injured man had been trying to get a child (9) out of the moving car.

Gardai and ambulance personnel rushed to the scene at around 3.45pm and a car was witnessed outside the graveyard on the Newry Road having collided with parked cars.

The car in question is described as being dark in colour.

Patrons in the graveyard had fled to avoid the vehicle and panic ensued as they rushed away.

Gardai told patrons to remain were they were initially before they were eventually allowed to leave.

It is understood a second incident occurred on the nearby Inner Relief Road, were two cars collided. At least ten garda cars are surrounding the incident. 

One man has been arrested.

Eyewitnesses described chaotic scenes and overheard screams as the car drove at a number of people.

Traffic in the area is understood to be very heavy as people are leaving the graveyard.