Revealed: National Ploughing championships results - The senior title stays in Carlow

Kevin Forde


Kevin Forde


Horse Plough class in Fenagh

Horse Plough class in Fenagh

The final day of the 88th annual National Ploughing championships drew to a close in Fenagh, Carlow yesterday, September 20, with the results of the ploughing competitions revealed yesterday evening. 

Good news for Carlow, as the senior conventional title is to stay in the county, with Eamon Tracey adding another win to his vast collection.

Check out the full list of results below!

Senior Conventional 

1st: Eamon Tracey (Carlow)

2nd: Martin Kehoe (Wexford)

3rd: Matthew Simms (Donegal)

Junior Conventional Plough class: 

1st: Derek O’Driscoll (Kerry)

2nd: Michael Hannon (Cork East)

3rd: Barry White (Dublin)

Standard 3 furrow reversible class: 

1st: Padraig Walsh (Cork West)

2nd Frankie Gowing (Offaly)

3rd: Francis Harney (Wexford)

Special Horse plough class:

1st: Jeremiah Delaney (Cork East)

2nd: James Kilgirriffe (Galway)

3rd: Kevin Doran (Wicklow)

Vintage single furrow mounted:

1st: Trevor Fleming (Cork East)

2nd: Bruno McCormack (Meath)

3rd: Willie Hayden (Wexford)

3rd: Eoin Buttle (Dublin)

Novice 2 furrow conventional senior:

1st: Niall O’Driscoll (Cork West)

2nd Orla Hayes (Cork East)

3rd: Ivan Simms (Donegal)

Novice 2 furrow conventional intermediate: 

1st: Maria Dunne (Kildare)

2nd: David Cuddihy (Kilkenny)

3rd: Ciaran McConnon (Monaghan)

3rd: Lorna Byrne (Laois)

Novice 2 furrow conventional junior plough:

1st: Daniel Burke (Kerry)

2nd: Eoghan McCabe (Cavan)

3rd: Ben Flynn (Dublin)

Vintage single furrow pedestrian plough: 

1st: Joseph Kehoe (Wexford)

2nd: Gavan Duffy (Meath)

3rd: Richard Duffy (Dublin)

Kverneland reversible test match: 

1st: John Whelan (Wexford)

2nd: Dan Donnelly (Wexford)

3rd: Jer Coakley (Cork West)


1st: William Kehoe (Wexford)
2nd: David Murphy (Cork East)
3rd: David Walsh (Cork West)


1st: Siobhán Darmody (Kilkenny)
2nd: Laura Grant (Offaly)
3rd: Ellen Nyhan (Cork West)

U28 Conventional Senior

1st: Frank Cullen (Wexford)
2nd: Sean Tracey (Carlow)
3rd: Leo Simms (Donegal)

U28 Conventional junior

1st: Denis Dunne (Kildare)
2nd: Michael J Duggan (Kerry)
3rd: Seamus McConnon (Monaghan)

Vintage 2-furrow mounted

1st: James Barron (Wexford)
2nd: Alan Simms (Donegal)
3rd: Oliver Smyth (Meath)

Senior Horse

1st: Gerry Reilly (Galway)
2nd: JJ Delaney (Cork East)
3rd: Noel Hand (Monaghan)

Intermediate conventional 

1st: Jim Grace (Cork West)
2nd: John A O’Donovan (Cork West)
3rd: Sean Monaghan (Longford)