Warning to road users about more tractors and machinery on roads

Longford Leader reporter


Longford Leader reporter



Warning to road users about more tractors and machinery on roads

Warning to road users about more tractors and machinery on roads

Motorists have been warned about the increased presence of agricultural vehicles on our roads during the current silage cutting season.

Gardaí said there are a number of signs that may alert you to the presence of large agricultural vehicles in the area.

Road users should pay particular attention to these signs during the months of May, June and July when there is an increased chance of collisions involving agricultural vehicles. 

The signs include: 

⮚ Mud or grass on the road close to gateways or farmyards
⮚ Traffic cones or signs on the side of the road at entrances to fields or farmyards
⮚ Flashing beacons which may be visible across hedge rows before the tractor comes into sight

Garda Adrian Corcoran of the Garda Roads Policing Unit encouraged all road users to be careful at this time of year including those walking, cycling, horse riding or on holiday in Ireland.

He made the point that sharing the road requires full concentration at all times, but especially at this very busy time of year for the farming community.

He emphasized that by working together we can support and help each other with patience, tolerance and adherence to key road safety guidelines, which include but are not limited to: 

  • Keeping 100% Concentration
  • Using Restraint
  • Holding Back
  • Overtaking safely
  • Not putting themselves in danger to get photos for social media.

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