Longford Leader Motoring: Save up to 10% on fuel costs

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Fuel prices drop for fourth month in a row

You can save up to 10% on your fuel costs with Dipetane.

How Dipetane works

Dipetane uniquely addresses and solves the fundamental problem existing in standard combustion, which is that some of the valuable carbon remains unburnt. Irish scientists are the first and only scientists worldwide who have discovered how to enable the existing fixed oxygen to gain proper access to burn the valuable carbon much more completely compared to standard combustion.

Injector Protection

Dipetane protects costly injectors and valve stems from the EC 90% cut in sulphur, the sulphur had been acting as a lubricant for Injectors and valve stems.

Dipetane’s full burning of the carbon leaves no hard unburnt carbon grating in the system and combined with its built in lubricant greatly increases lubrication thereby protecting injectors and valve stems.

DPFs-Diesel Particle Filters

Minimising regeneration, minimising fuel usage and protecting DPFs is very efficient.
As mentioned above protecting DPFs through the use of Dipetane is critical and very cost-effective.

Dipetane treated fuel’s unique ability to burn the carbon more completely, compared to all standard fuels means that much less unburnt carbon enters the DPF and therefore the regeneration occurs less often.

In some 6.8 Litre engines Dipetane’s use has extended the regeneration from 70 hours out to over 200 hours. This is a substantial fuel saving and protects the DPF from the very high ‘revs involved in the regeneration process'.

Up to 10% fuel savings

Dipetane’s independent Scientific Chassis Dynamometer and Boiler Tests under controlled conditions show up to 10% fuel savings. Mix rate for Dipetane is always 1:200. 1 Litre treats 200 Litre’s Diesel, Petrol, Kerosene, Heavy Oil. It does not change the spec of the fuel. It is not an ‘additive’, being 100% hydro-carbon.