Longford motoring: Over €200 to run your car a week

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Longford car sales down slightly compared to last year

Longford motorists paying over €200 to run their vehicles

An AA report has revealed how much it costs to run the average car in Ireland in 2017.

The study looks at the shifting costs involved with motoring year on year, including road tax, insurance, fuel and the NCT.

The results for this year show the average cost of running a family car for a year is €10,671.37, which works out at around €889.21 per month, or €222.30 a week.

Given the slow decrease in insurance premiums in recent months, which has yet to be felt by many motorists, this figure is actually down 1.6% (€178.05) on last year.

The AA study has even factored in depreciation, interest on capital and parking costs to complete the picture, and worked out their figures based on a car travelling 16,000km a year.

They found that fuel prices increased slightly in the last year, while the report also suggested people should shop around on the insurance front, even if they receive a favourable renewal quote from their current provider.