Longford Leader Motoring: TyreSafe unveils new tyre guidance and a unique pressure calculator

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TyreSafe have released new tyre guidance for motorhome users

TyreSafe has unveiled new tyre guidance for motorhome users along with a unique pressure calculator at tyresafe.org.

The essential information explains the differing types of tyres motorhomes are equipped with and the maintenance checks required to keep them in good roadworthy condition. This has been compiled into a downloadable PDF on the website, which includes tyre pressure charts.

However, for greater convenience when searching for motorhome tyre pressures, TyreSafe has an automatic calculator under the ‘Check your pressures’ section of tyresafe.org which needs just four pieces of information to be inputted.

Fully compatible to use on mobile phones and devices, the user selects the number of rear axles and then adds either the maximum or fully laden load for the front and rear of the vehicle.

The tyre size and type are then selected from a drop-down menu to produce suggested pressures.

Conceived and developed by the TyreSafe team, the calculator is intended to provide guidance when owners do not have access to the motorhome manufacturer’s recommended pressures provided in the vehicle’s documentation or on a sticker on the vehicle.

Further details on tyre safety can be found at tyresafe.org where owners taking their motorhome out of storage will find an informative animation detailing important tyre checks which need to be carried out before returning the vehicle to the road in the ‘Film and animation library’.

See more at www.tyresafe.org.